12.09.2011 - PostgreSQL 9.1 released [Josh Berkus]

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces the release of PostgreSQL 9.1. This latest version of the leading open source database offers innovative technology, unmatched extensibility, and new features such as synchronous replication, K-Nearest Neighbor indexing, and foreign data wrappers.

"PostgreSQL 9.1 provides some of the most advanced enterprise capabilities of any open source database, and is backed by a vibrant and innovative community with proven customer success. PostgreSQL is well positioned for building and running applications in the cloud," said Charles Fan, Sr. VP R&D, VMware.

Responding to Users

Version 9.1 delivers several features which users have been requesting for years, removing roadblocks to deploying new or ported applications on PostgreSQL. These include:

* Synchronous Replication: enable high-availability with consistency across multiple servers
* Per-Column Collations: support linguistically-correct sorting per database, table or column.
* Unlogged Tables: greatly improves performance for ephemeral data

"Heroku runs the largest PostgreSQL database-as-a-service in the world," said James Lindenbaum, Heroku co-founder. "The release of synchronous data replication with 9.1 provides our customers with innovative new ways of protecting mission-critical data, and validates PostgreSQL as one of the fastest-moving datastores available."

Advancing the State of the Art

Our community of contributors innovates with cutting-edge features. Version 9.1 includes several which are new to the database industry, such as:

* K-Nearest-Neighbor Indexing: index on "distance" for faster location and text-search queries
* Serializable Snapshot Isolation: keeps concurrent transactions consistent without blocking, using "true serializability"
* Writeable Common Table Expressions: execute complex multi-stage data updates in a single query
* Security-Enhanced Postgres: deploy military-grade security and Mandatory Access Control

"OpenERP has always relied on the enterprise-class features of PostgreSQL to provide a fast, reliable and scalable foundation for the Business Applications supporting our customers' operations every day. Data integrity in highly concurrent and transactional contexts is a critical topic for us, and we're very enthusiastic about the new Serializable Snapshot Isolation of PostgreSQL 9.1!" said Olivier Dony, OpenERP Community Manager.

Extending the Database Engine

PostgreSQL's extensibility enables users to add new functionality to a running production database, and use them for tasks no other database system can perform. Version 9.1 adds new extensibility tools, including:

* Foreign Data Wrappers: attach and query other databases from PostgreSQL
* Extensions: easily create, load, and manage new database features

In PostgreSQL's 25th year of database development, our community continues to advance database technology with every annual release. Download version 9.1 now and experience the most advanced open source database system in the world.

More information on PostgreSQL 9.1:
* Release notes
* Presskit
* Guide to 9.0:'s_new_in_PostgreSQL_9.1

Download 9.1 now:
* Main download page:
* Source code:
* One-click installer, including Windows installer:

13.08.2011 - Workshop PostgreSQL 9 [Andreas Möller]

Dear Folks, is a german speaking tutorial for PostgreSQL 9 introducing basic database objects and operations as well as functions and triggers. The story begins with the selection of a coordinate system of the earth.

A. Möller

13.06.2011 - PostgreSQL 9.1 Beta 2 now available [Josh Berkus]

The second beta release of PostgreSQL 9.1 is now available. This beta fixes several issues reported with 9.1 beta 1. All users should help the project by downloading and testing PostgreSQL 9.1 beta 2 as soon as they can.

Many users have already helped us by testing Beta 1 and reporting issues they encountered with it. The most significant of these issues caused Windows versions of PostgreSQL to segfault when trying to process datetime input strings containing keywords such as 'now' or 'infinity'.

Among the other issues fixed in the beta2 release are:

* Numerous issues related to per-column collations
* Numerous issues related to Serializable Snapshot Isolation
* Fixes to new pg_ctl modes
* Making pg_upgrade work with all new 9.1 features
* Fix ability to build PostgreSQL under MSVC
* Problems with domains over arrays
* Problems with unlogged tables
* Changes in "peer" authentication over Unix socket connections
* Assorted fixes in plperl
* Documentation additions and improvements
* Translation updates

If you tested 9.1 features earlier and reported bugs with Beta 1 or earlier alphas, please download Beta 2 and test that these issues are resolved. Users who are able to help with testing version 9.1 should please read the Beta Testing HOWTO:

Since this is a beta version, it is not considered ready for production use. However, the list of features and the APIs is now stable, so application developers can begin developing applications against 9.1. This beta may be followed by more beta releases and one or more release candidates before final release.

This beta is being released in source form and in one-click installers for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Native Linux packages and binaries for other operating systems may follow in the next couple weeks.

PostgreSQL home page:
Downloads page:
Beta testing information:
Beta release notes:
Beta documentation:

07.06.2011 - Deutschsprachige PostgreSQL Konferenz 2011 - Call for Papers [Andreas Scheerbaum]

PGConf.DE 2011 ist die deutschsprachige Fortsetzung der sehr erfolgreichen letztjährigen Europäischen PostgreSQL Konferenz. Die Deutsche PostgreSQL Konferenz 2011 wird am 11. November im Rheinischen Industriemuseum in Oberhausen stattfinden. Gleich im Anschluß findet über das Wochenende die OpenRheinRuhr am gleichen Veranstaltungsort statt.

Es werden Themen für PostgreSQL Anwender, Entwickler und Mitwirkende sowie für Entscheidungsträger behandelt. Mehr Informationen über die Konferenz gibt es auf der Webseite unter:

Wir akzeptieren nun Vorschläge für Vorträge. Bitte beachte, das wir sowohl Vorträge in Englisch wie auch in Deutsch akzeptieren.

Jeder Vortrag wird 45 Minuten dauern und kann jedes beliebige für PostgreSQL relevante Thema beinhalten. Einige Vorschläge für Themenbereiche:

- Entwickeln von Anwendungen für PostgreSQL
- Administration von großen und skalierenden PostgreSQL Installationen
- Fallstudien von PostgreSQL Installationen
- PostgreSQL Werkzeuge und Hilfsprogramme
- PostgreSQL Hacking
- Community & Benutzergruppen
- Tunen der Datenbank oder des Servers
- Migrieren von anderen Systemen
- Skalieren/Replikation
- Benchmarking & Hardware
- Produkte die PostgreSQL verwenden

Natürlich werden Einreichungen aus anderen, PostgreSQL relevanten Bereichen ebenfalls akzeptiert.

Die Vorschläge müssen bis zum 15. September 2011 eingereicht werden. Die ausgewählten Sprecher werden bis zum 04. Oktober 2011 informiert. Zum Eintragen der Vorschläge kann das Pentabarf System der OpenRheinRuhr verwendet werden:

Alternativ bitte die Vorschläge an vortrag(at)pgconf(dot).de schicken, folgende Informationen müssen enthalten sein:

Firma (falls das zutrifft)
Biografie (ein Abschnitt über dich und dein Mitwirken bei PostgreSQL)
Titel des Vortrags
Abstrakt des Vortrags
optional: ein Foto

Die Vorträge werden von einem Ausschuss in Betracht gezogen und ein Zeitplan wird zum Start der Konferenz hin veröffentlicht. Wenn dein Vorschlag akzeptiert wurde wirst du per E-Mail innerhalb von zwei Wochen nach Einreichungsfrist informiert.

Der Call for Papers ist ebenfalls im Web verfügbar unter:

Eintrittskarten für die Deutsche PostgreSQL Konferenz 2011 werden ebenfalls für die OpenRheinRuhr 2011 gültig sein.

Wir freuen uns von dir zu hören und sehen uns in Oberhausen im November!

23.05.2011 - issue #00 pgmag released - David Vetter

PostgreSQL Magazine #00 is out. You can download it, view it online or buy a print copy at And don't forget to send feedback at contact AT pgmag DOT org !

04.05.2011 - pgAdmin v.1.14.0 Beta 1 now available [Guillaume Lelarge]

pgAdmin v1.14.0 Beta 1 is now available for testing in source, Windows and Mac OS X distributions from:

We're still working on a visual tour. In the meantime, the list of new features is available in the changelog (

Please download a copy to test, and report any issues to pgadmin-support [at] postgresq [dot] org to help us prepare for our upcoming 1.14 final release.

02.05.2011 - PostgreSQL 9.1 Beta 1 now available [Josh Berkus]

The PostgreSQL project has released the first beta of verison 9.1. This beta release contains all of the features which will be in the final release, which is expected two to four months from now. All users should help the project by downloading and testing PostgreSQL 9.1beta1 as soon as they can.

PostgreSQL 9.1 contains a huge volume of new features, possibly more any single release of PostgreSQL before. These features also include several innovations which PostgreSQL is the first database system to have. The most anticipated features in this version include:

  • Synchronous Replication
  • Per-column collations for multilingual databases
  • Unlogged Tables
  • K-Nearest-Neighbor Indexing
  • Serializable Snapshot Isolation
  • Writeable Common Table Expressions
  • SE-Linux Integration
  • Extensions
  • SQL/MED attached tables

The PostgreSQL project now depends on you to test 9.1beta1 in order have a rapid and bug-free 9.1 release. If you are able to help with testing version 9.1, please see the Beta Testing HOWTO:

How to Beta test

Since this is a beta version, it is not considered ready for production use. However, the list of features and the APIs is now stable, so application developers can begin developing applications against 9.1. This beta may be followed by more beta releases and one or more release candidates before final release. The PostgreSQL developers expect the final version to be released in two to four months, depending on testing and bug-fixing.


02.05.2011 - pgAdmin III v1.12.3 released [Guillaume Lelarge]

The pgAdmin Development Team is pleased to announce the release of pgAdmin 1.12.3, the Open Source graphical PostgreSQL administration tool for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Solaris, now available for download in source and a variety of binary formats from:

v1.12.3 is primarily a bug fix release. The list of changes is available here:


12.01.2011 - PgBouncer 1.4 [Marko Kreen]

Features proper async DNS resolution and support for Postgres 9.0 application_name parameter.

Various smaller features and internal cleanups.


PgBouncer is lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL.


01.01.2011 - PostgreSQL 9.1alpha3 Now Available [P.Eisentraut]

The third alpha release for PostgreSQL version 9.1, 9.1alpha3, is now available. This alpha release contains several new major features added since the alpha2 release. Please download, install, and test it to give us early feedback on the features being developed for the future versions of PostgreSQL.

More detail is available in the release notes:

Alpha release of pure Javascript driver for PostgreSQL

Command Prompt, Inc., The PostgreSQL Company is pleased to announce the first Alpha release of postgres.js the pure Java script driver for PostgreSQL.

Postgres.js is a fork of Tim Caswell's postgres-pure.js, a pure JavaScript implementation of the PostgreSQL protocol in JavaScript, allowing you to develop native applications using Javascript and node.js for PostgreSQL.

The first Alpha release of postgres.js driver brings support for parameterized queries, using Postgresql itself to handle escaping and correctly sandboxing potentially malicious data.

Other improvements include initial support for in-Javascript transactions, to permit grouping of queries into a logical block. This feature will be very useful for environments such as a web applications, allowing each request to have its own queries able to be scheduled as a single unit.

For more information on postgres.js please see the git repository:

Or to learn from the expert register for PostgreSQL Conference West 2010 where Aurynn Shaw will be speaking on postgres.js:

Command Prompt, Inc. is the oldest PostgreSQL Company in North America. We employ contributors and committers to the PostgreSQL project, provide training, professional services and support.

02.10.2010 - phpPgAdmin 5.0-beta2 Released released

he phpPgAdmin Team is proud to announce its 2nd beta version of phpPgAdmin 5.0 (aka PPA 5.0).

For a full description about PPA 5.0, please refer to the first beta announce:

To download this beta right now, visit:

02.10.2010 - Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool 2.2 released

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool (also known as apgdiff) is free PostgreSQL database schema upgrade tool.

Release details:

Download binary distribution and sources:

20.09.2010 - PostgreSQL 9.0.0 released

Wenn es zwischendurch keine Katastrophe gibt, wird PostgreSQL 9.0.0, welches unter anderem eine eingebaute Replikation enthält, am Montag, dem 20. September 2010 veröffentlicht.

20.09.2010 - pgAdmin III v1.12.0 released [Dave Page]

The pgAdmin Development Team are pleased to announce the release of pgAdmin III v1.12.0.

pgAdmin is a comprehensive Open Source database management tool for PostgreSQL, offering an SQL Query tool, table data editor, editors for virtually all object types, including Slony objects, a procedural language debugger, configuration editors and graphical query builder. pgAdmin runs on Linux, Mac, Windows, FreeBSD and Solaris platforms.

This release is the culmination of over 12 months of development work and adds support for PostgreSQL 9.0, as well as numerous other enhancements which can be seen in the change log:

13.09.2010 - PGDay.EU 2010 Call for Papers [Andreas Scherbaum]

Der Call for Papers für den PGDay.EU 2010 am 6.-8. Dezember in Stuttgart ist nun eröffnet.

12.09.2010 - pgpool-II 3.0 now Available [Tatsuo Ishii]

Pgpool Global Development Group is pleased to announce the availability of pgpool-II 3.0. In the mean time new version of pgpoolAdmin, the GUI tool for pgpool-II, pgpoolAdmin 3.0 is released. pgpool-II 3.0/pgpoolAdmin 3.0 can be downloaded here:

07.09.2010 - PostgreSQL 9.1alpha1 Now Available [Peter Eisentraut]

The first alpha release for PostgreSQL version 9.1, 9.1alpha1, is now available. This alpha release contains several new major features added since the 9.0 branch. Please download, install, and test it to give us early feedback on the features being developed for the future versions of PostgreSQL.

Note that the final release of PostgreSQL 9.1 is not to be expected before mid-2011. Please also direct your attention to the imminent release of PostgreSQL 9.0, which is currently in the release candidate stage.

More detail is available in the release notes:

06.09.2010 - PGDay.EU 2010 Call for Papers [Magnus Hagander]

PGDay.EU 2010 will be held on December 6-8 in the Millennium Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany. It will cover topics for users, developers and contributors to PostgreSQL, as well as decision and policy makers. For more information about the conference, please see the website at

We are now accepting proposals for talks. Please note that we are looking for talks in both English and German.

Each session will last 45 minutes, and may be on any topic related to PostgreSQL. Suggested topic areas include:

  • Developing applications for PostgreSQL
  • Administering large scale PostgreSQL installations
  • Case studies of PostgreSQL deployments
  • PostgreSQL tools and utilities
  • PostgreSQL hacking
  • Community & user groups
  • Tuning the server
  • Migrating from other systems>/li>
  • Scaling/replication
  • Benchmarking & hardware
  • PostgreSQL related products

This call for papers is also available on the web at

06.09.2010 - PostgreSQL 9 Release Candidate 1 verfügbar

Der erste Releasekandidat für PostgreSQL 9.0 ist jetzt verfügbar. Bitte laden Sie selbigen herunter und testen Sie, damit wir zügig die finale Version veröffentlichen können. Alle bekannten Fehler sollten beseitigt sein. Benutzer sollten jeden Bug sofort melden, den sie finden.

Hinweis: durch eine Änderung in den Systemkatalogen ist ein "initdb" und ein erneutes Einspielen der Datenbank notwendig, um eine 9.0 Beta Version zu aktualisieren. Wir fordern die Anwender auf, diese Gelegenheit zum Testen von "pg_upgrade" zu nutzen. Bitte teilen Sie uns Ihre Ergebnisse mit.

Wenn Sie beim Testen helfen möchten, schauen Sie bitte auf folgende Webseite:

02.08.2010 - PostgreSQL 9 Beta4 available (Josh Berkus, Selena Deckelmann)

The fourth beta release for PostgreSQL version 9.0 is now available. This beta contains numerous fixes and a few changes since beta3. As this is likely to be the last beta release, please download, install, and test it so that we can move toward final release of 9.0.

Beta4 contains primarily bug-fixes in response to user testing reports since Beta3. The one significant user-facing change is to report \timing information even when psql is being run in "quiet" mode. Fixes include:

  • Report disk space error properly and do not load .psqlrc when using pg_upgrade;
  • Allow full SSL certificate verification when host and hostaddr are both specified, backpatched to 8.4;
  • Fix for pg_dump's handling of SQL/MED objects;
  • Bugfix and performance improvement for scans of lossy GIN index pointers;
  • Fix for possible page corruption in ALTER TABLE .. SET TABLESPACE;
  • Properly replay CREATE TABLESPACE during crash recovery;
  • Cleanup subtransactions in FOR loops, and avoid deep recursion when assigning XIDs to multiple levels of subtransactions (to be backpatched to 8.0)

Unlike previous betas, there has been no system catalog change since Beta3, so an initdb should not be required to upgrade test databases from Beta3. Upgrading test databases from earlier versions or betas will require an initdb, however, so we urge users to take the opportunity to test upgrading their database using 9.0's pg_upgrade and report the results.

If you are able to help with beta testing, please see the testing page:

Betas are not stable and should never be used in production; they are for testing only. A release candidate will be available for testing soon.

Source code, as well as binary installers for many platforms, is available from the PostgreSQL Web Site:

12.07.2010 - PostgreSQL 9 Beta3 available (Marc G. Fournier)

The third beta release for PostgreSQL version 9.0 is now available. This beta contains numerous fixes and several changes since Beta2, foremost among them a final clean-up of Streaming Replication and Hot Standby. Please download, install, and test it so that we can move towards final release of 9.0.

Some significant changes have been introduced in beta3 which will require some applications to be re-tested with 9.0. These include:

  • Fixes for streaming replication and hot standby:
    • close walwriter filehandles faster
    • fsync on master before sending WAL
    • improved handling of archive cleanup
      (including archive_cleanup_command
      and pg_archivecleanup contrib module)
    • better handling of WAL record corruption
    • change of standby delay settings and timing
  • Fix for array handling in plpython
  • Many dblink fixes
  • TCP keepalive support in libpq
  • Fix for checkSeek() behavior on old platforms
    (was causing pg_dump to occasionally fail)

Note that, due to a system catalog change, an initdb and database reload *will* be required for upgrading from 9.0Beta1. We encourage users to use this opportunity to test pg_upgrade for the upgrade from Beta2 or an earlier version of 9.0. Please report your results.

If you are able to help with beta testing, please see the Beta testing page:

Betas are not stable and should never be used in production; they are for testing only. Additional beta releases, or a release candidate, will be available for testing in a few weeks.

Source code, as well as binary installers for many platforms, is available from the PostgreSQL Web Site:

03.07.2010 - Andy Wenk

Heute hat unsere Nationalelf Argentinien 4:0 geschlagen ;-)

03.07.2010 - Magnus Hagander

The PostgreSQL Europe Merchandise store is now open - go to and click merchandise!

The store has a mix of PostgreSQL branded stuff. If you have any ideas for things you'd like to buy that isn't there, just let us know on the maillinglist.

12.06.2010 - ChronicDB v2.2.2

ChronicDB v2.2.2, ein Werkzeug zum Verteilen von Schemata, ist erschienen.

09.06.2010 - pg_lesslog for PostgreSQL 9.0 beta2 - (Koichi Suzuki)

pg_lesslog 1.4.2 beta is now available for PostgreSQL 9.0 beta2. You can download the latest file from

02.06.2010 - Ergebnis der Wahl des pgeu Vorstandes

Die Ergebnisse zur Wahl des "pgeu board" können unter folgender URL eingesehen werden:

Herzliche Glückwünsche gehen an Dave Page, Guillaume Lelarge und Andreas Scherbaum

17.05.2010 - Security release of all versions (Tom Lane)

The PostgreSQL Project today released minor versions updating all active branches of the PostgreSQL object-relational database system, including versions 8.4.4, 8.3.11, 8.2.17, 8.1.21, 8.0.25, and 7.4.29. This release fixes moderate-risk security issues with PL/perl and PL/tcl, as well as a data corruption issue with standby databases. Users of any of these three features should update their PostgreSQL installations immediately.

The PL/perl security fix closes a security hole in PL/perl procedures which could allow privilege escalation on the host system, caused by a flaw in; see CVE-2010-1169 and CVE-2010-1447 for details. A second patch prevents PL/tcl's pltcl_modules table from being subverted in order to run arbitrary Tcl scripts; see CVE-2010-1170. These issues only affect users who have enabled either of these two stored procedure languages.

The issues patched in this update release affect version 9.0 Beta 1 as well, and will be corrected in an upcoming 9.0 Beta 2 release.

There are also 21 other bug fixes in this release, some of which apply only to version 8.4, and a few of which are specifically for Windows. While these are generally fixes for minor issues, among the changes are:

* Fix for a combinational crash condition
* Prevent normal users from resetting some GUCs in their own role definitions
* Correctly apply constraint exclusion in UPDATE and DELETE queries
* Minor fixes for WAL archiving
* Update timezone data for 12 zones

See the release notes for a full list of changes with details.

As with other minor releases, users are not required to dump and reload their database in order to apply this update release; you may simply shut down PostgreSQL and update its binaries. Users skipping more than one update may need to check the release notes for extra, post-update steps.

* Release Notes
* Installation Packages
* Source Code
* Windows and One-click Installer
* Details of Security Issues

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group will stop releasing updates for PostgreSQL versions 7.4 and 8.0 after June of 2010. We urge users of those versions to start planning to upgrade now.

regards, tom lane

13.05.2010 - PostgreSQL 9.0beta1 und Feature List

Die Beta der PostgreSQL 9.0 ist online unter verfügbar. Ausserdem gibt es unter eine Feature Matrix die beschreibt, in welcher Version welche Features enthalten sind. Die Core Developer und Commiter haben aufgerufen die PostgreSQL 9 beta zu installieren und zu testen.

08.05.2010 - PHP Magazin 4.10 Buch Kritik von Thomas Wießeckel

Thomas Pfeiffer und Andreas Wenk

PostgreSQL spielt vor allem in businesskritischen Anwendungen eine immer größere Rolle. Kein Wunder also, dass das Angebot an Fachliteratur weiter anwächst, darunter auch PostgreSQL von Thomas Pfeiffer und Andreas Wenk, das vor allem mit umfangreichen Kapiteln zu User Defined Functions, Volltextsuche, Performance und Administration punkten möchte.

Das Buch beginnt erwartungsgemäß mit einer Vorstellung der Werkzeuge wie pgAdmin III und psql, dicht gefolgt von der Vermittlung der Grundlagen. Mit dem Kapitel Fortgeschrittene Funktionen wird es dann richtig interessant. Mit regulären Ausdrücken, Typecasting, Sequenzen dem Rechte- und Rollen- sowie dem Regelsystem steigen die Autoren soweit in die Materie ein, dass man langsam aber sicher versteht, weshalb PostgreSQL immer beliebter wird. Es folgt ein Einblick in die User Defined Functions und umfangreich das Thema PL/pgSQL, einer Erweiterung der PostgreSQL-Datenbank, die dem Nutzer viele neue Möglichkeiten eröffnet. Bevor es im letzten Kapitel um die Installation unter Linux und Windows geht, behandeln Pfeiffer und Wenk im sechsten Kapitel in aller Ausführlichkeit die Volltextsuche und Administration. Auch der Bereich Administration lässt keine Fragen offen; einzig im Bereich Performance hätte man sich etwas mehr gewünscht, doch damit lassen sich bestimmt Bücher füllen.

Die Qual der Wahl liegt bei dem umfangreichen Angebot momentan eindeutig beim Käufer. Mit PostgreSQL erhält der geneigte Leser jedoch ein toll geschriebenes Buch, das ihn hervorragend in die Materie einführt und dabei keine Referenz sein möchte, sondern die Vorzüge der Open-Source-Datenbank näher bringen will - und das ohne Probleme schafft.

03.05.2010 - PostgreSQL 9.0 Beta 1 Now Available (Josh Berkus)

The first beta release of PostgreSQL version 9.0 is now available. Version 9.0 is the first version of PostgreSQL to include built-in real-time binary database replication with query scale-out, consisting of two features, "hot standby" and "streaming replication". Combined with its other major features, this release will expand adoption of PostgreSQL by new users and in new types of applications.

... read more

26.04.2010 - Creeping to Beta (Bruce Momjian)

In der Community sind Fragen aufgekommen, warum es noch keine Beta version der PostgreSQL 9 gibt. Bruce Momjian gibt ind seinem blog einen Kommentar dazu ab (englisch).

Blog post lesen

25.04.2010 - Neue PL/Proxy Version 2.1 (Marko Kreen)

Es gibt ein neues PL/Proxy Release 2.1.PL/Proxy ist ein Datenbank Partitionierungs System

Release Notes:

23.04.2010 - PGCon 2010 - registered yet? (Dan Langille)

Registration for PGCon 2010 is open.

The full list of talks and a preliminary schedule is available here:

There are still some rooms available on campus but I recommend booking soon as they always fill up.

22.04.2010 - Piggly: PL/pgSQL code coverage tool (Kyle Putnam)

First public release of piggly, version 1.2.0.

Piggly recompiles a PL/pgSQL stored procedure with instrumentation code to track the execution of branches, loops, and blocks of code. After running your unit tests, It generates a syntax-highlighted view of the code, annotated with code coverage notes.


* Consecutive loop iterations are counted (pass through, once, more than once)
* Each branch condition is checked for evaluating both true and false
* Execution of the start of each code block is tracked to report untested regions
* Low test execution overhead
* Installable as a Ruby gem: gem install piggly

Unit tests must be written in Ruby, though future releases may lift this requirement.

21.04.2010 phpPgAdmin 4.2.3 Released (Robert Treat)

The phpPgAdmin Team is happy to announce a new bugfix release for phpPgAdmin. Version 4.2.3 fixes several long standing bugs and fixes some PHP 5 compatability issues in the 4.2.x branch. All users of phpPgAdmin are encouraged to upgrade to this new version.



Note, this may likely be the last version of phpPgAdmin released on the 4.2.x branch. We are currently planning to release phpPgAdmin 5.0 this summer, which will support PHP 5+ only, and Postgres 7.4+. Legacy users should continue to use 4.2.3.

13.04.2010 AMOOCON 2010 Konferenz in Rostock

Vom 4. - 6. Juni findet in Rostock die AMOOCON statt. Was ist AMOOCON? Zitat:
"This is a conference about stuff we find interesting. We are not so much looking for Buzz-Word-Bingo-Talks but for exceptional topics and for very good speakers."

Michael Renner von der PGUG wird dort über die PostgreSQL 9 sprechen:

12.04.2010 PG software updates (Weekly Newsletter April 11 2010)

Versions 1.2.21 and 2.0.3 of Slony1, a master-slave cascading replication system for PostgreSQL, released.

Postgre-XC, a synchronous multi-master cluster for PostgreSQL, released.

py-postgresql version 1.0, a pure Python 3 driver for PostgreSQL, released.

ODBC-Link 1.0, and ODBC-based database link system, released.

07.04.2010 Backup Scripte für cronjobs (Andreas Wenk)

Ich habe im Rahmen des letzten Teils der PostgreSQL Artikel Serie zwei kleine Shell scripte geschrieben um ein Backup wieder in die Datenbank zurück zu spielen. Der Code steht auf GitHub zur freien Verfügung

06.04.2010 ODBC-Link 1.0for PostgreSQL released (Hans-Juergen Schoenig)

we are glad to accounce generic database links for PostgreSQL, ODBC-Link. ODBC-link is a dblink-style implementation of PostgreSQL database links. It allows users to connect from PostgreSQL to any other ODBC compliant database such as Informix, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, etc.. You can integrate data from remote databases into your local query results. Writing requests are fully supported.i

ODBC-Link is fully implemented and C and does not need any other scripting language on the system.

To download ODBC-Link refer to

06.04.2010 py-postgresql v1.0 released (James Willia Pye)

I'm pleased to announce the release of py-postgresql version 1.0, the pure Python 3 driver for PostgreSQL formerly known as 'pg_proboscis'.


* CopyManager for connection-to-connection COPY operations.
* NotificationManager for receiving asynchronous notifications with payloads.
* Advisory Lock Context Manager.
* hstore type support.
* Improved performance. 2x, in some cases.

For a more detailed list of changes, visit:

24.03.2010 2nd set of PostgreSQL 9.0 Alpha4 RPMs are available (Devrim Gündüz)

I just released 2nd set of RPMs for 4th Alpha of the upcoming 9.0 release.


Here is the list of the new features in 9.0 development version:

As usual, please find detailed info about RPMs from:

Also, these packages will be distributed over the PostgreSQL FTP network, later in the day:

A mini howto about 9.0 alpha release + RPMs are here:

These packages don't support upgrading from any of the previous alphas, if you have all packages installed. I did not bother to fix it, since this is just an alpha. A workaround is removing postgresql-contrib package before running yum update.

Please note that these packages are **not** production ready.

20.03.2010 Release Notes für PostgreSQL 9

Obwohl der Release Termin der neuen PostgreSQL 9 noch nicht fest steht, können die Änderungen und Neuerungen unter nachgelsene werden.

17.03.2010 pgreplay log file replayer released (Albe Laurenz)

I announce the first release of pgreplay, version 0.9.0 (Beta).

Project home page:

pgreplay reads a PostgreSQL log file (*not* a WAL file), extracts the SQL statements and executes them in the same order and relative time against a PostgreSQL database cluster.

16.03.2010 New PostgreSQL RPM Repository (Devrim Gündüz)

Over the last month, I worked on new PostgreSQL RPM repository based on the existing build machines, and existing package signs.

As of today, it is officially live with the new PostgreSQL releases (another announcement is on the way)

The new URL is:

Repository packages are here:

Thanks a lot to Darcy Buskermolen for his great support over the 2,5 years on this project.

All people who want to contribute to spec files are welcome, I'd like to see this as a community project for the community.

15.03.2010 PostgreSQL Cumulative Bugfix Release (Josh Berkus)

The PostgreSQL Project today released minor versions updating all active branches of the PostgreSQL object-relational database system, including versions 8.4.3, 8.3.10, 8.2.16, 8.1.20, 8.0.24, and 7.4.28. This release provides a workaround for some third-party SSL libraries, as well as multiple fixes for minor uptime and data integrity issues. All database administrators are urged to update your version of PostgreSQL at your next scheduled downtime.

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15.03.2010 PostgreSQL product updates

pgAdmin 1.10.2, a GUI management tool for PostgreSQL, released.

PostGIS 1.4.2 and 1.5.1 released.

09.03.2010 - PostGIS 1.4.2 and 1.5.1 released (Paul Ramsey)

Patch releases of the 1.5 and 1.4 PostGIS series are now available!

01.03.2010 - PGCon 2010 registration now open (Dan Langille)


Registration for PGCon 2010 is now open.

The full list of talks and a preliminary schedule will be published later this week. Watch this space.

28.02.2010 - Andreas Wenk auf der CeBit

Am 02.03.2010 werde ich zusammen mit Andreas Scherbaum in Halle 2 in der "Project Lounge" den PostgreSQL Stand betreuen. Wir werden Fragen zur PostgreSQL in allen Bereichen beantworten. Sei es technisch oder aber auch über die Community. Natürlich haben wir auch Rechner dabei um die PostgreSQL live zeigen zu können.

24.02.2010 - 9.0 Alpha 4 Available Now (Josh Berkus)

The fourth alpha release for PostgreSQL version 9.0, 9.0alpha4, is now available. This alpha contains several new major features added since the previous alpha. Please download, install, and test it to give us early feedback on the features being developed for the next version of PostgreSQL.

Features added in Alpha4 include:

  • Streaming Replication for binary log-based replication of PostgreSQL
  • New in-memory, high-performance Listen/Notify queue
  • Automatic row-count return to drivers on SELECT queries
  • ROWS PRECEDING and ROWS FOLLOWING windowing functions

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25.01.2010 - PGUG bei den Chemnitzer Linux Tagen

Die Deutsche PostgreSQL User Gruppe hat einen Stand auf den Chemnitzer Linuxtagen 2010 am 13. und 14. März 2010 in Chemnitz, Deutschland.
... mehr Info

18.01.2010 - PGUG mit Stand auf der Cebit 2010

Andreas Scheerbaum hat für die PostgreSQL User Group Deutschlandi (PGUG) auf der Cebit in Halle 2 in "Project Lounge" einen Stand organisiert. Andereas Wenk wird dort am 05.03.2010 auch mit von der Partie sein.

Außerdem hat die PGUG einen Stand auf den Chemnitzer Linuxtagen am 13. und 14.03.2010 in Chemnitz.

12.01.2010 - PostrgreSQL Konferenzen 2010

Am 20. und 21.05.2010 findet die PGCon 2010 in der Universiyt of Ottawa in Ottawa (USA) statt. Die Infoseite ist hier zu finden.

Vom 25. - 28.03.2010 findet die PostgreSQL Conference U.S in Philadelphia (USA) statt. Weiter Information sind hier zu finden.

10.01.2010- PostgreSQL at FOSDEM 2010 (Markus Hagander)

As has become tradition, PostgreSQL will be present at FOSDEM 2010 in Brussels, Belgium. This is a great, *free*, conference for people interested in just PostgreSQL, and even more for those interested in other OpenSource products as well. For information about the conference, see

PostgreSQL will have a stand where we will be answering questions, talking to people in general, and selling PostgreSQL merchandise.

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07.01.2010 - PostgreSQL Source Code jetzt auf

Bruce Momjian hat auf einen Mirror für den "head branch"(aktuellster Entwicklungszweig) der PostgreSQL als git repository eingerichtet. Es ist hier zu finden.

04.01.2010 - Missing Features for PostgreSQL SQL Conformance (Blog Peter Eisentraut)

A thought to start the new year: Perhaps it's time for the final push to complete the core SQL conformance for PostgreSQL.

Where do we stand? The PostgreSQL documentation lists in its appendix the currently supported and unsupported SQL features. As explained there, a certain subset of these features represents the "Core" features, which every conforming SQL implementation must supply, while the rest is purely optional. The unsupported features page currently lists 14 remaining Core features and subfeatures that are missing from PostgreSQL. Two of those are about client-side module support that is actually not mandatory if the implementation provides an embedded language (e.g., ECPG), so there are 12 items left.

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30.12.2009 - psqlODBC 08.04.0200 Released (Hiroshi Inoue)

We are pleased to announce the release of psqlODBC 08.04.0200. For details of the changes in this release, please see the notes at:

28.12.2009 - Npgsql 2.0.8 released! (Francisco Figueiredo Jr.)

The Npgsql Development Team is proud to announce the Npgsql2 2.0.8 release!

Npgsql is a .Net Data provider written 100% in C# which allows .net programs to talk to postgresql backends. Npgsql is licensed under BSD. More info can be obtained frome

PostgreSQL 8.5alpha3 Now Available (Peter Eisentraut)

The third alpha release for PostgreSQL version 8.5, 8.5alpha3, is now available. This alpha contains several new major features added since the previous alpha. Please download, install, and test it to give us early feedback on the features being developed for the next version of PostgreSQL.

Alpha Release page:

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21.12.2009 - PostgreSQL Live CD for 8.4.2 released (Devrim Gündüz)

I released second version of my PostgreSQL 8.4 live CD, which is based on Fedora 12. It includes the PostgreSQL related packages that I build on , along with PostgreSQL 8.4.2.

Details are here:

14.12.2009 - PostgreSQL 2009-12-14 Security Update (Josh Berkus)

The PostgreSQL Project today released minor versions updating all active branches of the PostgreSQL object-relational database system, including versions 8.4.2, 8.3.9, 8.2.15, 8.1.19, 8.0.23, and 7.4.27. This release fixes one moderate-risk and one low-risk security issue: an SSL authentication issue, and a privilege escalation issue with expression indexes. All PostgreSQL database administrators are urged to update your version of PostgreSQL at the earliest opportunity.

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14.12.2009 - pg_rman - PostgreSQL Recovery Manger released (Takahiro Itakagi)

Announcing the first release of pg_rman - PostgreSQL Recovery Manger.

pg_rman -

pg_rman is an online backup and restore tool for PostgreSQL. The goal of the pg_rman project is providing a method for online backup and PITR as easy as pg_dump. Also, it maintains a backup catalog per database cluster. Users can maintain old backups including archive logs with one command.

Supported features:
* Ease of use. Backup and restore can be done with just one command.
* Online full backup, incremental backup, and archive backup.
Incremental backup can reduce backup size extreamly.
* Backup compression. Unused area in pages are removed and only
actual data are compressed with gzip.
* Automatic backup maintenance. Backup and archive WAL files older
than specified days are deleted automatically.
* Backup validation. Backup can be validated with CRC checks.
* No transaction lost in restore. Configuration file generator for
point-in-time recovery is supported.

Takahiro Itagaki
NTT Open Source Software Center

26.11.2009 - Andreas

Wir sind online!

Ja es ist soweit. Das Buch ist in den Läden und diese Seite ist online. Wie man in einigen Bereichen sehen kann, sind wir allerdings noch nicht ganz fertig. Wir bitten noch um ein wenig Geduld.

Momentan bin ich gerade dabei die ganzen SQL Statements in den Bereich SELECT einzupflegen. Das Importieren war nicht das Problem, allerdings muss jedes einzelen Statement formatiert werden. Das kann noch einen Augenblick dauern. Ich hoffe jedenfalls, dass der Code so gut zugänglich ist.